About Us
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About Us

Hello Music has been providing innovative teaching programmes and entertainment for children through Hello Music Schools, In-service School Programmes, Music Publications, award-winning TV Shows, and the internationally acclaimed Live Interactive Cinema Show (LICKs5D) "Hello Music Land” which has ‘edu-tained’ tens of thousands of children across the globe from Australia to Abu Dhabi.

Founded by 'social entrepreneur' Karen Kim in 1991, Hello Music aims to promote the scientifically proven cognitive, health, and social benefits of music to people around the world.

Our Purpose

To build a global community where we can share ideas, learn, teach, and make an impact through music to the individual and to society.

Our Values

These values are important to us as a company that is ethical, forward-thinking, and inclusive. As a business organisation we not only aim for success in our products, services and customer care but we also strive to contribute positively to society and foster a progressive and supportive internal culture, thereby attracting the talented employees, loyal customers, and quality partners, all of which are vital to a happy and sustainable organisation, continuing to spread the joyful benefits of music to the world.